Founded by a producer with the belief of creating a top tier studio, while delivering friendly and flexible service customized to all of your production needs.  K2 has all of the resources to bring your project to life.  From a 6,000 sq/ft studio with equipment rental, industry expertise and an extensive network of professionals, you can count on K2 to have all your needs met with its first class service and capable space.


Our owner, Kristin Langerud, started her career in graphic design before transitioning to producing for Ken Friberg Studios, learning the ropes from one of the best in the industry before jumping off on her own.  The unique understanding she has from a producers view sets K2 and it’s sister company, K Productions apart.  Having worked with projects big and small, she understands the importance of making a one on one connection to collaborate with you to make your project come together smoothly.


If producing assistance, problem-solving and connections are needed please check out  K-Productions.com.  Tap into any of our many resources, including but not limited to photographers, DP, producing, still and video crews, audio, talent, stylists, make up artist, set builder and more.  If you have it covered, we are more than happy to let you do your thing and enjoy k2’s beautiful, capable studio.